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Maverick Enterprises is a privately owned company that produces capsules and secondary closures for the wine, distilled spirits and specialty food and beverage industries. We print and form all of our capsules at our facility and seek to provide the best products and customer service in our industry. Since our foundation in 1992, Maverick has grown to service not only Northern California wineries, but customers across the US, Canada, Mexico and areas of South America and Australia. Our unique approach to production and attention to detail makes our products an invaluable resource to our customers.

In 1992, Proposition 65 (the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act) effectively banned the use of lead in the wine industry. Maverick Enterprises' foundation was intended to provide the industry with a safer closure alternative. Since then, Maverick has always attempted to find our customers options based on their needs, facility and bottling methods; whether it be more environmentally conscious efforts through material selection, or the perfect fit for application. Maverick is dedicated to being a responsible manufacturer and has invested in recycling programs for our aluminum, PVC, and cardboard scrap material.

Maverick's production facility, offices and warehouses are located in Ukiah, California. Our proximity to the wine industry is beneficial in providing a locally produced packaging option for a majority of our customers, as well as being able to promptly respond with on-site customer support. Maverick's production and management teams represent not only 19 years of experience since the companies foundation (with at least 50% of our employees having been with the company 5+ years), but the experience of at least 100+ years of experience in the wine industry. With our growing and diverse customer base, we constantly attempt to provide the distilled spirits and specialty food and beverage industries the same level of support.

Maverick has developed a highly refined process for manufacturing premium quality closure products to meet a wide variety of custom requirements for our customers. We incorporate specialized packaging equipment and depend on manufacturing expertise and artistic design developed over our years of operation. Maverick works closely with our own suppliers and partners to utilize all avenues available to improve the quality of our products.

On December 17th, 2010, Maverick Enterprises was acquired by Private Capital Management. Check out our Press Release to learn more!

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